Rumpel Fable is a new upcoming local contemporary women's clothing line. The line is vintage inspired with a touch of modern trend. The label presents comfortable, easy and honest clothing that focus on quality materials.

Everything is made and sewn in my studio in Jakarta. All fabrications are sourced locally. Sometimes I use fabrics that are dead stock, in a way for me to do what I can to minimise waste. 

I do a lot of polls on Instagram showcasing my designs and making process of the next collection. Also, I give heaps of special offer, pre sale and news about next collection release to peeps who join my VIP membership at http://eepurl.com/dcat95. So, make sure you don't miss it!


Designer and Maker

Beatrice Teja Rumpel Fable
In 2018, Beatrice Teja launched Rumpel Fable. After graduating from RMIT University and living in Australia for six years, she went back to her home country in Indonesia. While she was studying, she interned for one and a half year in five different local Australian brands. The experience gave her a lot of knowledge and professional skills in garment production.